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Losing the Measure

The number of false beliefs, bad attitudes, and general naughtiness is very large, but the number may never be known. It has been reported that the device used for measuring human bad thought, action, and attitude has been buried in a stack of fingers-in-your-ears leaving most people with no way to know just how much bad stuff has befallen us. 

The device, found in most houses, is supposed to be regularly attended to, meditated upon and loved. However, neglect has led to vastly different ideas as to how much wickedness has been going on lately. Some report vast blizzards of wickedness while others report very little or even none at all.

Many say they will need to pay closer attention to the measuring device in future, but are not sure they will have the time. Meanwhile, one official reported that we would just have to make do with the collective best guess and legislate accordingly. He stated that it was likely that we could manage by just attending to the people who make the most noise.

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and History of Ideas at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southeastern.