Little Hatreds

Prejudices are hatreds formed by conditioning. We are brought up a certain way around people who were brought up a certain way. We watch other people turn their noses up at a person. They don’t mean to show us, but we can read their faces.

Often they give us their run down out loud. They organize the world for us, telling us in what relation things, and people, stand to each other. Over time we develop prejudices, little hatreds.

My little hatreds? No, you don’t have to know what they are. I know. And they are truly hate…reds. They are not justified, not just the way things are, not someone else’s fault. They are sinful thoughts and they are my thoughts.

We all have little hatreds. They reside in sinful hearts, sometimes in plain view, but often under the surface, protruding only when provoked. And sometimes little things cause big effects. A little hate can go a long way.

We should stop justifying hatreds and confess them to Christ whose death was not prejudiced against people because of their background, color, or sense of humor, but only for their unrepentant hearts. Our prejudice should turn from fellow created people and to our sin because it is our sin we should hate.

And now we have to watch what we pass on to our children. We should hold in check our snobbery, restrain ourselves from mockery and go out of our way to demonstrate love to those we want to avoid. 

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and History of Ideas at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southeastern.