Deep Deep Undercover

We live in a shallow world – pop is precious, politicking is point-scoring and philosophy is poetry. We are conscious of it. And in rebellion against surface level conversation we seek out the profound – indie movies, pseudo autobiographies and NPR interviews with the articulate. It is a turn to the profound. But depth is not found in profundity, as if meaning is found only in how we interpret an ultimately meaningless universe; depth is found in divinity.

And so with faith, the question is not how might we say the same thing in a deeper way, but how we might know the God behind all that we say and do. For his depth is unending and unsurpassed. And it is only due to his depth of character that anything else is at all meaningful. Without God we can only scratch skin deep. We can call it deep, but it remains thin. You want depth in life, depth in experience, depth in spirit? Then begin to get to know God. Start right here

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and History of Ideas at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southeastern.